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A Palm State of Mind needs the support of the community and investors to open. Addiction, substance use, and mental health disorders require a safe, compassionate, and ethical environment to be treated appropriately. South Carolina is in desperate need of an inclusive rehabilitative treatment facility in order to address the current state of emergency with overwhelming addiction and opioid usage.

Why Invest

A constant issue faced by many communities is the cost of providing substance use treatment services versus the cost of allowing community members suffering from SUD to remain untreated. While building a residential or detoxification program can be cost-prohibitive for many, the relative ease of developing and implementing an outpatient facility is much less expensive.

Also, commercial insurance providers are showing a bias toward allowing members to receive outpatient care versus the expense of paying for long-term inpatient or residential treatment. Regardless of the level of care a provider chooses to develop, the cost of allowing SUD to remain as an unmet community problem is not a viable option.

Investment Action

A Palm State of Mind is seeking to secure investment capital to fund an initial 3 years of operation. Funds will be used to secure the outpatient center building, equipment, and supplies, train and pay practitioners, and market the facility and services.

APSOM is reaching out to the community to secure funding from various donors and municipal contributors to form a pool of stakeholders. The APSOM leadership has developed a full business plan with a 3-year ProForma and Pitch Deck.

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